Bringing an intuitive tablet experience to aid users through there day to day

The Info Map will unlock a wide range of insights supporting a transformation in the way NatWest understands, controls and unlocks business value from information.

Maintenance capability that regularly scans physical systems, flows and data structures

• A Personalised experience based on the user

• Intuitive search features and functionality

• Ability to export data and graphs

• Modernisation of the current Data Lineage

•Consistency across tasks & flows

• Faster availability of data in a secured manner


UX/UI Design




May, 2020

Re-design, re-think & re-imagine

We took a look at the user interface of the Info Map, and conducted user-focused design workshops, to assist users in managing & navigating their way across the complexities of data sets and data structures.

User Interface design
focus areas

The Info Map application should look, feel, perform & maintain the principles & consistency of the other NatWest applications. However we also considered the following:

•The user interface should help the user perform their specific tasks with ease, notify them on business updates, changes to system data, drive user adoption and efficiency

•Search features should be easily accessible, be flexible, intelligent and easy to use, giving the users more control  

•Card logic designs add flexibility, reusability and consistency in providing different user types with specific information and data based on their needs

•Design in-app features to support new / less experience users to be able to navigate the complexities of the system and guide them in completing tasks

Responsive framework & card logic approach

Designing the UI framework around a responsive card structure forcing UI cards to wrap to specific break points. This type of grid allows for total flexibility across the templates to re-arrange the content cards depending upon the user type, data and content requirements.

Expanded view of the
stats chart

We implemented a segregation of ‘Business Outcomes’, ‘Terms and system’ as per business domain. The user can select any section to find the detailed list as per the business domain by clicking on ‘Business term’ under Finance domain and it will show all business terms listed mapped to Finance domain.


The UI cards presented on the dashboard are chosen to reflect the most important user goals based upon that user’s particular role.

Interesting facts

Over the course of the program and with the support of the NatWest team we were successful in delivering design solutions which resulted in enhancing the user experience with UI features, which focused on the primary users of Info Map and Data Lineage. But we also created foundations for developing a UX framework, to enable design consistency, scale & implementation across the program.


days to complete the project


team members involved in the process


hours spent on ideation


draft mock-up created

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