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The main target of work was to design a billing tool for the DHL Supply Chain. The objective of this project was to automate the customer billing process for different services offered by DHL.

IBT future state UI view and user experience overhaul.

• Re-imagined portal with focus on data and empowerment

• Intuitive view of activity and process

• Responsive view allows easy access on any device

• Data integration gives up-to-date view of billing  activity

•Login for personalisation and enhanced experience

• Real time communication with peers and customers


UX/UI Design




August, 2019

Strategy for the

Content & product messaging is the single most important element of connecting the user experience to commercial goals. Too often, this aspect gets left behind, ultimately resulting in a meaningless experience.

Platform analysis and requirements

It was important for us to ascertain the technical scope early in the project lifecycle by documenting and establishing the deliverables. We worked closely with internal technical teams and stakeholders to ensure that we:

•Captured business requirements  & KPIS

•Understand and evaluate technical requirements
& non functional requirements

•Documented content hierarchy and DHL taxonomy across
services and regions

•Mapped features for wireframes

IBT Portal on the go…

It was important to build something that had easy access to all the tools you would need via a desktop. We designed a user intuitive, responsive web app to ensure users are able to conduct their tasks at any time, at any place.

Evolving in a fast paced market.

Intuitive data rich journey ensuring clarity and usability. Having actionable insight allowing the user to to execute tasks or
resolutions on the go.

It supports real time updates and allows team members to collaborate and communicate, but utilising native functions and features to upload documents, photos, and files stored on the mobile device or in the cloud.

The data rich

Data rich visualisations of sales and activity. The sales forecasting gives better insight into market activity and fluctuations. Also built in with a full holistic team view of the market.

Interesting facts

Countless hours were spent to make sure we captured all the requirements we needed, to create an immersive all-in-one platform for users to use in a very busy environment.


days to complete the project


team members involved in the process


hours spent on ideation


draft mock-up created

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